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William Booth College

In 1929, as a memorial to the Founder, William Booth College was opened at Denmark Hill in London.

'Not called' did you say? 'Not heard the call' I think you should say. Put your ear down to the Bible and hear him bid you go"

Salvation Army founder, General William Booth

The iconic building, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, has been at the heart of Salvation Army leadership training ever since and is at the forefront of delivering education and training programmes for The Salvation Army's Employees, OfficersEnvoys and Cadets from the United Kingdom and further afield.

William Booth was a visionary as well as a man of action and the college was built to give reality to one of his most breathtaking visions - that The Salvation Army should have a University of Humanity.

The College offers distance and on-site learning for cadets (officers-in-training), officers, lay employees and volunteers throughout the UK and and Ireland Territory and overseas.

Vision Statement

We will be a Spirit filled, inspiring and progressive Christian learning community.

Mission Statement

Empowering, developing and resourcing people for efectove participation in God's mission.

Values Statement

As a college community based on Christian principles our key values are:

Christlikeness - following the example of Jesus Christ being authentic, loving, trustworthy and joyful in our daily living.

Mission - committed to an intentional participation in the redeeming work of God in the world through his son Jesus Christ, and to proclaiming and demonstrating the gosepl through our life and presence.

Community - modelling all of our relationships on the open and embracing nature of the Trinity, believing that mutual encouragement, meaningful cooperation and joyous celebration enhance our common experiences. We foster and value partnerships with individuals and groups beyond William Booth College and we seek to serve local communities in diverse ways through engagement and resourcing.

Hospitality - providing an environment where everyone is welcomed and where friendliness, quality care, compassion and service are our hallmarks.


William Booth College is a true community in which people share their lives and support each other in a spirit of Christian love. Cadets find that the friendship of their fellow cadets and the care and support they receive from staff is often as important to their development as the formal process of teaching and learning.

We are a residential college where a majority of our cadets come to stay for the duration of their course as individuals, couples or families. Accommodation is in comfortable modern flats. There is a rich community life at the College, including not only worship but also a wide range of social activities such as music and sport.

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The physical surroundings and location of the College also give cadets a rare combination of benefits. Situated in a pleasant residential area, the College is a peaceful place to study and worship. On the practical side, there are good local facilities, including schools and shops.You are also ten minutes by train or bus from the centre of London, so all the history and culture of the capital is yours to discover.



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