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Corporate Partnerships

We believe that a mutually beneficial partnership is key to success. Understanding what your business has to offer, including financial support and the difference you can make through your unique expertise, is central to our approach. Through partnering with us you will support the many projects the Salvation Army is involved with, enhance your own corporate responsibility objectives and be aligned with a well-established charity.

Partnerships might include staff volunteering, focus on a specific project, fundraising, gifts in kind or financial support. We would be pleased to talk through specific projects or programmes that run nationally or in your local area, all of which would directly benefit from your investment.

£5000 for children's summer camps

is enough to pay for 25 vulnerable children to attend one of our UK residential summer camps 

£8000 for drug treatment programme

enables us to help someone end the cycle of addiction and despair, like we did with Mary



£450 for weekly luncheon groups

helps us give 200 lonely older people dinner and the warmth of friendship at a Salvation Army community centre