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Ann Fowler House

Liverpool Homelessness Services is made up of three very distinctive Lifehouses. Ann Fowler House Lifehouse is a Salvation Army specialist female-only residential centre for women experiencing homelessness, specialises in helping its residents back into independent living. 

On Sunday April 24, 2016, the Ann Fowler House Lifehouse featured on the BBC One documentary Paul O’Grady: The Sally Army and Me.

The staff at Ann Fowler House were really supportive and helped me to make a good recovery."

It offers more than a safe, secure home for 38 women by offering practical support through training in such basics as literacy, cooking, computer skills, confidence and self-esteem building, as well as employment skills as part of a wider resettlement programme.  

Project workers assist residents in working through problems and enhancing their independent living skills, in order for them to move on to more appropriate, permanent accommodation. In association with specialist agencies, Ann Fowler House also facilitates programmes to help women who have been abused or worked in the sex trade. 

The services are renowned in the local area for the way staff and residents unite in fundraising for local charity projects; baking cakes for Zoe's Place baby hospice and assisting Liverpool Homeless FC in a Christmas toy collection for families in need.

A resident's view:

Monique's story

Monique arrived in the UK in 2012 and eventually found herself at Ann Fowler House because she had nowhere else to live.

Whilst at Ann Fowler House she required surgery. During her stay in hospital the chaplains visited her and on her return the staff at Ann Fowler House were really supportive and helped her to make a good recovery.

"Whilst at Ann Fowler House I started volunteering in the charity shop at Bootie Salvation Army, and still do.

I also attend college where I am learning to improve my English, and am really happy with my life now."

Jane's story

Jane, is 46 and was a resident at The Salvation Army's centre for people experiencing homelessness in Liverpool, Ann Fowler Lifehouse. 

"Everything started to unravel for me in 2009 after my husband died. He was as fit as a fiddle and it was very sudden."

“I was desperate to find a stable home but despite all my efforts I just couldn’t do it. I was vulnerable as things got worse drugs became more of a problem which just made everything harder. It was a vicious circle. 

“Then, I was told they’d found me a space at Ann Fowler House in Liverpool which wasn’t far away. The staff had carried out risk assessments at Ann Fowler House and basically gone to huge lengths to sort it out for me so I could have my dogs in my room with me. They could see that I needed them with me. The Salvation Army didn’t give up trying to help me. Find out more

Storm's story

Storm came to stay in Ann Fowler House in November 2013, due to a family breakdown she worked with health services and staff to address her health issues and says that she feels more in control of her life.

She is building relationships with her family and is working with her key worker to take steps to have her own tenancy. To achieve this Storm will be moved into the resettlement cluster, which will give her greater independence while having the support of the staff at Ann Fowler House.

Storm is taking part in some of the courses that are on offer at the centre and is working towards being able to resume full­ time employment once she is settled in her own accommodation.