Christianity with its sleeves rolled up- that's what people say.

It's a lot to live up to but we try!

And along the way we hope to have fun, make friends, eat cake, share stories and make a life that's worth living.

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Who are we?

Well, we're a bunch of normal people with kids and jobs, with too much to do and too little time, with faults and failings, doubts and dreams.  But we believe the world should be a better place and that God wants that too.   

We're an unashamedly quirky movement.  A church and charity from Victorian times living and loving in a world that faces many of the same problems now as then.   

So we're busy doing the kind of stuff you'd expect us to do; helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, making friends with those who are lonely, lost or in some way struggling with life. 

But we know being is important too.  We know God and want to know him more.  We know Jesus and think he's awesome!  We want to follow his way of life and be like him.  So we also take time to just be.  To be loved and understood, to listen to God's voice and let him work in us.  


An informal drop-in for those who are homeless and those struggling with addiction.  

We provide a safe place, a friendly face, clothes, bedding and food.  But we want to give a hand up - not just a hand out!  So we also offer one-to-one support to help people make steps towards a life that is safer, healthier and happier.  

Specialist housing advice is offered via Connections Floating Support and specialist addiction counselling via our Salvation Army drug and alcohol worker and Turning Point. 

Open on Wednesdays from 12pm - 2pm​, and Fridays 10am - 2pm.

Sunday Worship

  • 10am Chat over tea, coffee and toast. 

  • 10:30am - 12pm Family Worship

  • 11am Kids Alive! (with Bible stories, games and singing)

Messy Monkeys

Wednesday ​9:30am - 11am Messy Monkeys 

Make a mess at our place instead of yours!  Messy fun, crafts and play for under 5's.  



We've found the Bible has a remarkable way of speaking into our situation, as individuals and as a church.  It constantly surprises us how a book a few thousand years old can guide us so clearly in how we live our lives today.  It's not all easy and there's lots we don't understand, but to spend time quietly allowing God to speak to you is a very special thing.  And it's even better when shared.

So we follow a reading plan that takes us through the whole Bible in a year and every Friday at 9.15am, a few of us meet together for  bit to read, reflect and share together.  Some come each time, others whenever they can.  It makes for a great start to the day and whether you're a complete beginner or a bit of a biblical whizz you'd be very welcome to join us.

PS. SOAP stands for Scripture Observation Application Prayer.  That's how we do it here.

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