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The Big Collection

Donate to The Big Collection in September and help someone feel safe today. Every penny supports people who are vulnerable or marginalised across the UK.

The Big Collection is a fundraising challenge for members, friends, and volunteers of Salvation Army churches to raise money for our social and community programmes.

Our local collectors take on this challenge in many ways – from bike rides, bake sales, to fun runs and charity fashion shows. 

In late August (Ireland) and during September (England, Scotland, Wales, and Channel Islands) you’ll also find members of The Salvation Army collecting cash donations door-to-door, in high streets and shopping centres.

How much has The Big Collection raised?

Last year The Big Collection raised £1.5 million – thank you! This is a significant contribution towards The Salvation Army’s social and community programmes. 

How does The Salvation Army use my donation to The Big Collection?

All donations to the Big Collection directly support The Salvation Army’s work to care for people who are vulnerable or in need. This includes supporting people experiencing homelessness, running care homes and day centres for older people, reuniting families through our Family Tracing Service and providing a place of safety for adult victims of modern slavery.

Through a network of over 800 churches and community centres, we offer compassionate support, a listening ear and practical help to those in need. Our work includes:

  • Supporting men, women and families who are experiencing homelessness
  • Running care homes and day centres for older people
  • Reuniting families through our Family Tracing Service
  • Offering training and advice to people looking for sustained employment
  • Providing a place of safety for adult victims of modern slavery.

How can I donate to The Big Collection?

You can donate online or by visiting your local Salvation Army church.

Donate online now

How do I know if a Big Collection fundraiser is genuine?

While collectors do not necessarily wear Salvation Army uniform, all carry a permit and Salvation Army-branded envelopes and/or collection tins. If you would like to verify the authenticity of a fundraiser please contact your nearest Salvation Army centre.

Before we fundraise in any area we always get permission from the relevant local authority, so you can also check with them if you have any concerns.


For more information about the Big Collection, please contact our Fundraising team on 020 7367 4800 or email:


3,081 beds

provided every night for those experiencing homelessness.

9,525 vulnerable people

welcomed to our centres. 

1,515 families

reunited by our Family Tracing Service.