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The Booth Centre

This is a fully refurbished stage two accommodation service. We took the bold step of integrating our existing day centre in Southampton within the ground floor, as it massively increases the support we can offer to clients, as well as boosts the range of activities we can run. We did this hand in hand with starting a number of micro social enterprises, which again offer clients the opportunity to get involved. It has been a journey which has had its share of bumps, but the last 12 months has seen a continued focus on client outcomes, planned move figures sustained above 80%, and has helped us develop a service which is a hive of activity.

In terms of social enterprise, we currently run a cafe with delivery service, furniture workshop including one-off commissions, and room rental facilities. The aim of the social enterprises is to provide vital skills and qualifications for residents, as well as engaging with various groups. We feel it is important to encourage residents to integrate within the community to break down barriers and social preconceptions, improve opportunities and strengthen networks. For this to be successful we invite the community into the centre in the first instance residents work alongside volunteers from external organisations and we provide space for a local charity to run services, which provides further opportunities for residents.

We work alongside Hampshire probation, Maximus and Southampton drug and alcohol services, all of which run groups and connect through volunteering opportunities within the centre. We have built a strong and successful relationship with Southampton NHS Early Intervention into Psychosis team and run weekly furniture workshops, which have had a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of their clients, as well as integrating client groups who would not normally interact socially. Resident engagement has doubled in the past 12 months and this is steadily increasing as more opportunities within the social enterprises present themselves.