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What's On

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  • 10am Morning Worship

  • 11:30am Coffee Fellowship

    • Small Group Studies

    • various dates and times


  • Monday

    • 9am - 12pm One Stop
      • Practical Assistance for the homeless

  • Tuesday

    • 9:30am -  11.30am Community cafe
    • 12pm Lunch Club
    • 1:30pm - 3:30pm Card Craft Club
  • Wednesday

    • 9:30am - 11.30am Community cafe
    • 9:30am - 11:30am Charity Shop
  • Thursday

    • 9:30am - 11:30am Community cafe
    • 10am Prayer meeting
    • 12pm Lunch Club

Loaves and Fishes Project

The Salvation Army in Bridlington has launched a community initiative called Loaves & Fishes that takes its inspiration from the Bible account of Jesus feeding the 5,000 in the Gospels with the purpose of creating a more inclusive, cohesive  community in Bridlington where people develop a greater understanding and care for the more vulnerable people in their neighbourhoods while also being reminded of the direct connection between the economy of the town and the fishing industry upon which the town has been built.

It offers a great opportunity for people of all ages to learn how to cook tasty, healthy and value for money meals with local produce and a particular focus on shellfish, some of the key results from the catch each day. And food is always a good basis on which to bring people together and socialise.

You can find out more information including the latest news from the project here.


Bridlington Rotary Club Annual Christmas Tree Festival

Bridlington Rotary Club Annual Christmas Tree Festival

The Bridlington Salvation Army Corps, along with a number of other organisations and charities, participated in the Bridlington Rotary Club Annual Christmas tree festival which was held at a Methodist church in the town over two weeks in December.

Bridlington Corps are currently working on a community project inspired by the story of the loaves and fishes are therefore the Christmas tree was decorated to represent that, included knitted lobsters, crabs and fish and even slices of bread were displayed too!