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There's nothing like an Army cup of tea...

Our cafes are found in the heart of communities across the UK and Northern Ireland where you will not only find a pot of our famous tea.

Each of our cafes is a comfortable space where people from the local community, and visitors from near and far, can relax and recharge. Our cafes provide a range of refreshments from teas and coffee, sandwiches, cakes, many of which will are fair trade. Our cafes are the perfect place to meet up with friends, or make some news ones, and serve an important role in bringing together the community and combatting isolation.

Our cafes have a wider purpose, too. Some form part of our emergency community relief work giving out free hot food to vulnerable members of our society, while others are more relaxed versions of the church experience. You can also find The Salvation Army at work in Costa Coffee outlets dotted around the UK, where we host a range of outreach events with live music and speakers. In line with our ethos, some of our cafes give experience to service users so they can interact with members of our church to gain confidence and employment experience on their journey to a better life.

Find your local cafe and see how we transform communities over a cup of tea.