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Cambria House

Cambria House works with the London Borough of Camden to resettle single men experiencing homelessness who are in receipt of benefit, engaging with other services and present a low risk to themselves and others. 

On Sunday April 24, 2016, Cambria House featured on the BBC One documentary Paul O’Grady: The Sally Army and Me.

There’s lots to do and The Salvation Army encourage you to get out and do it.” - David Standen

All service users will have already spent some time in accommodation projects with Camden’s Hostels Pathways Model and will have been assessed as having the capacity to move on to independent living (with or without support) within 12 months.

Cambria House provides a self-contained bed-sit with en-suite facilities and shared cooking facilities. There is an expectation that all service users will be self-catering. It is recognised that a service user, once accepted, will be engaged in meaningful occupation in order to facilitate their resettlement.

Every resident is expected to actively engage in the re-settlement programme, which can be tailored to the individuals needs.  Training is given in basic life-skills. The individual programme can last anything between 6 and 12 months, There are links with the local authorities, adult education Centres, in-house training and housing trusts. Help is provided to move people into their own self-contained accommodation and back into wider society. 

To foster the sense of community activities are held including cultural features relating to particular times of year such as  St Patrick’s Day, the Chinese New Year, and a popular activity is always the BBQ held in the courtyard allotment, weather permitting under any pretext such as celebrating the World Cup.

Cambria House provides support services in a Christian environment. Each resident is assigned a Support Worker to provide information, advice and support.  The aim of the programme is to enable resettlement to be achieved by all residents. As part of the holistic approach to resettlement, The Salvation Army recognises the right of everyone to explore and discover their own expression of spirituality.  To that end, all service users are encouraged to pursue and maintain their chosen faith practice or support system. 


The Service Manager

Cambria House

37 Hunter Street

London WC1N 1BJ

Telephone: 020 7841 0230