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Colin took a Leap of Faith when he moved into our Thorndale Family Centre in Belfast with his two daughters.

I realised you can't run away from your problems."

"I was worried I was going to be judged and told what I was doing wrong as a parent. But, from the start of our stay at Thorndale, the support staff made me feel so welcome. I had complete trust in my key worker who has made me feel confident about my abilities as a parent.

"My assessment is now complete and I've just got a place of my own with my two daughters.

"The help of The Salvation Army inspired me to get involved in things I’d never done before. I was a member of the residents’ committee and suggested having an internet café.

"I was also asked to do a talk in front of 150 social work students at Queen's University in Belfast about my experiences. I really enjoyed the experience even though it was nerve-wracking.

"During my time at Thorndale, I’ve faced up to my past and dealt with the underlying problems that led me to drink. I’m pleased to say that from next month I’ll have been in recovery for two years.

"I realised you can't run away from your problems. Now, little things like the girls’ bedtime routine is so precious. It makes everything worthwhile."