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Fringe Festival

Don’t miss out on the fantastic (and free!) fringe events at this year’s Territorial Congress.   Doors open from 1pm – we’ll see you there!


F R I N G E   P E R F O R M E R S

Earlier this year, we sent out an open invitation for performers to apply to take part in the Congress Fringe.  We are very excited to announce the following groups will be sharing with us over Congress weekend:


Join us to celebrate the diverse range of worship styles we have around our territory.  Free performances will take place throughout the weekend – please enjoy at your leisure!



Meet Andrew – Andrew is a Territorial Envoy who for the last two years has been Corps Leader at Buckhaven Salvation Army in East Scotland.  He has been playing the bagpipes for 17 years and takes every opportunity to worship God through the energising sound of the bagpipes.   We are excited for Andrew to bless us with a true Scottish welcome!


Belfast Summer School Timbrels

The Belfast Temple Summer School Timbrels are such a wonderfully talented group of young, Godly women. Their performances are nothing less than energetic, fun and slick.  They firmly believe in “the best for the highest” and always strive to give of our best through this exciting and vibrant expression of our faith and love for Christ.


Fauldhouse Songsters

Fauldhouse songsters showcase what a small corps can do.  With no Pianist, adjusting songs to fit the group and being creative with the arrangements, a small brigade can punch above their weight and enhance the worship, bringing quality and professionalism into the presentation of the music.  Perhaps they will inspire other small brigades to try something different!


Gateshead Youth Choir

Five years ago, Gateshead Corps moved to a new location within a socially deprived ward.  One of their main prayers was to attract families.  In the last 2 years, the church has grown to include families of 9 nationalities.  The choir is a product of this harvest.  The kids’ passion and knowledge of the love of Jesus shines through in their singing – they never fail to bless and inspire all those who hear them!


Govan Songsters

Govan Songsters, who are celebrating their centenary year, will be performing for us on the Sunday of Congress weekend. 



S.P.I.R.I.T are a young group of people who have formed a worship band to be a direct mission to those who worship alongside them.  S.P.I.R.I.T stands for Show, Purpose, Ignite, Revolution, Initiate, Transformation.  This is their mission statement.  S.P.I.R.I.T want to make worship fun and accessible to everyone – join them to praise God together!



Timbreltastic has now been going for over 2 years and has proved to be a wonderful opportunity for inclusive engagement with the community. The majority of members are not uniformed Salvationists but include employees and service users of TSA, members of other churches as well as people who have just picked up a leaflet and chosen to attend. The group encourages happy participation rather than polished performance with no expectation of duty or regular attendance. The group enjoys its affiliation with TSA and has represented TSA at community events and have been very proactive in raising funds – over £1000 in 2017. The group continues to seek further opportunities to engage with community and fully utilise TSA resources at Hadleigh Farm.  Grab a timbrel and come and experience Timbreltastic for yourself!




I N T E R A C T I V E   S E S S I O N S 

Come and listen, discuss and be creative in a series of interactive sessions.  All sessions are free, open to all and will last around 1 hour each.  Whatever your passion, we hope there will be something to inspire you!


An Aging Corps is not a Dying Corps: Ministry and resources for the older Salvationist

This short session is an overview of Changing Seasons, the new course run by the Older People's Ministries in partnership with SISTAD that will be running in Scotland / Ireland in 2019.  Regional specialists will be sharing resources to equip and empower Older People's Ministry in your local corps.


An Introduction to Creative Prayer and Bible Journaling

This is your opportunity to explore creative prayer and scripture journaling, led by an experienced practitioner. All resources will be provided.


Come and sing with the International Staff Songsters

Here’s your opportunity to sing with the International Staff Songsters.  Whether you have years of experience singing in a choir or none at all – everyone is welcome!


Desert Island Discs

Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island?  Andrew Blyth invites Dr Stephen Cobb to share the soundtrack of his life.


Events Fundraising

Looking to fundraise for The Salvation Army? Come and find out how Community and Events Fundraising Unit can support you.


Meet the Editor

This is your chance to hear from the editors of the Army's three weekly papers: Salvationist (lieut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts), Kids Alive! (Justin Reeves) and War Cry (Major Andrew Stone).  Find out what it takes to produce them and how best to make use of them - and you can ask the editors any question you like.  Army books will also be featured, including some to be given away free!


Social Justice – How to be a Super Complainer!

Looking for effective ways to campaign for social justice for those we seek to serve?  Meet our Public Affairs

team and discover ways to make a real difference where you are!

Think ‘Edinburgh Fringe meets The Salvation Army’.