Copper Beech is a new initiative by The Salvation Army and Salvation Army Housing Association (saha). It's a community made up of 84 homes, a Salvation Army day care nursery/after school care provision, and community hub. 

Copper Beech Hub

Copper Beech Community Hub is run by The Salvation Army and provides community based, and faith based activities. Based at Copper Beech is Capt Caroline Heward the Salvation Army officer (minister) for the site.

  • Weekly Activities

    • Tuesday

    • 12.30pm Mental Health PEER Support Group - last Tuesday of the month led by Broadlea Better Community Tenants and Residents Association. 
    • Thursday

    • 3:30-5:00pm Hub Club (family session aimed at primary school aged children)
    • Friday

    • 10:30-12:00 Bible Club
    • 12:00-2:00pm Open Hub for gardening/conversation/tea & toast
    • Sunday

    • 11:00am-12:45pm Connect Church at Copper Beech. 
    • Connect are a group of Christians who live in and around Bramley. We share breakfast together and explore the Christian life in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. With activities for all ages everyone is welcome.

A listening ear service is also available at Copper Beech Hub, if you would benefit from a conversation please contact Caroline Heward on the email/ number below.

Copper Beech Hub has a prayer space available to all. If you feel you would benefit from using this space or would like prayer please contact Caroline.

Additional events also run from the Hub, seasonal parties, barbeques, coffee mornings. For more details contact Copper Beech Hub below.


  • Contact Details

Copper Beech Nursery and Rainbows after school/ holiday club

Copper Beech Day Nursery is part of The Salvation Army and is managed by Lyn Place. The nursery is purpose built to accommodate 97 children aged 3 months to 11 years old. Rainbows after School and Holiday Club is led by Amanda Pitts. Rainbows has space for up to 24 children aged between 4 and 11 years old. We provide a walking bus service from Hollybush and Whitecote Schools during term-time. The Holiday Club is open during Leeds school holiday periods and is available to the wider community.


  • Opening Times

    • Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

      Closed Bank Holidays, Christmas week and training days

    • For all new enquiries to nursery please call the above number to make an arrangement to meet with nursery staff to discuss your childcare needs/ childcare provision entitlement.


  • Visits

    • We are happy for you to come and visit at any time. We also recommend that your child has at least three settling in visits before they start at nursery.


Registered Body: OFSTED

Registration no: EY485672

Date of registration: 22nd June 2015


  • Absences

    • If your child is going on holiday we require you to give us a full months notice. Please note the nursery has provision to allow you to keep your child’s place for two weeks per year at a charge of half fees. At all other times your child’s place will be charged at full cost we are unable to waver this.

      For illness and non-attendance you will be charged full fees. If there is a long term illness then the nursery manager will liaise with the Divisional management team in relation to this.Prolonged absence without notification could mean that your child's place will be withdrawn.



      • Collection of Children


          If you wish someone else to collect your child you must inform a member of staff beforehand or they will be refused collection of the child. THIS IS FOR YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY.


          • Late Collection

            • The number of children allowed per session is set by OFSTED and parents/carers who are late collecting their children are putting others at risk. It is vital that your child is picked up on time, so please note the session times. Parent/carers will asked be asked to sign the late book, the maximum charge for late collection is £20.00.

              If a parent/carer is late we will attempt to contact them, if we are unable to do so we will contact your nominated emergency person, if we are unable to contact one of these within 30 minutes Social Care will be contacted for further guidance.

              Parents/ carers who are consistently late will lose their child's place at Copper Beech.


              • Sickness

                • If your child is suffering from a rash, sore throat or a temperature please keep them away from nursery for at least 24 hours.

                  Children suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting must stay away for 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased. Children prescribed antibiotics are not allowed to return to nursery for 48 hours after their first dose.

                  Staff can administer certain medication if you fill in a medication form. Please see the medication policy for further details.


                  • Accidents

                    • Nursery staff will take your child to hospital if a medical emergency occurs. Every attempt will be made to notify you before such action is taken.


                      • Clothing

                        • All clothing must be marked with your child's name.

                          A change of clothing including underwear must be brought to nursery.

                          If your child is in nappies please also bring baby wipes and nappies, we don’t have a spare supply of nappies therefore if you do not provide them your child will not be able to attend nursery.

                          Borrowed clothes must be returned someone else may need them.

                          When weather is cold or wet please bring your child's hat, gloves, wellingtons etc.

                          Please bring sun cream and sun hat during the summer as children will not be allowed out in the play area without them.


                          • Food and Drink

                            • We cater for all dietary needs and meals are freshly prepared daily by our cook. We also prepare fresh food for babies who are weaning.

                              Formula milk must be provided. Due to lack of storage facilities and children with allergies we are unable to accommodate packed lunches and parents/carers who don’t wish to purchase a nursery lunch/tea must collect their child at 12 and return at 1 p.m. /4 p.m. and return at 5 p.m.


                              • Your child's contracted days/hours


                                  Once you have arranged your child’s days with the nursery manager, it is important that you understand and agree that the days/hours chosen are your child’s set days/hours. Once arranged it is not possible to change this agreement, however we may be able to accommodate additional days/hours subject to availability within your child’s room (at an additional fee). Please enquire with your child’s room supervisor. If you wish to terminate your child’s place you must inform us in writing giving 4 weeks' notice, fees paid in advance will not be refunded.

The Salvation Army Housing Association (saha)

Saha built and provided 83 new affordable homes in 2017. Copper Beech is an innovative site created to be more than just a collection of houses, but rather homes in a community. Copper Beech is served by saha Housing Officer Andy Bargewell who typically is on the site Monday and Thursdays

“The housing created was very intentional. To reflect the needs of a community we created a development that included a range of accommodation such as detached and semi-detached houses, two and three bedroom houses and one-bed apartments. This was key in ensuring there was a strong mix of families and couples, younger and older people. There’s a real sense that, as a community, when we’re together we are stronger, and by pulling together people of diverse ages and walks of life, this can be a reality in Bramley.” - Nigel Parrington, saha Chief Executive


  • Contact Details

    • Saha Customer Service Centre: 0800 970 6363

      Saha Website

      Email: or


    • Address

      • Customer Service Centre

        Salvation Army Housing Association

        Customer Service Centre

        2nd Floor

        53-55 Victoria Square


        BL1 1RZ

Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

Copper Beach Team

Copper Beach Team

Caroline Heward - Captain (Front Left), 

 Lyn Place - Manager of Copper Beech Day Nursery (Front Right), 

 Andrew Bargewell - Housing Officer for Copper Beech (Back Left), 

 Edward Borrett - Pioneer Intern (Back Right)