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Fellowship House

This service constantly strives to develop new ideas to support residents to grow holistically and move on positively. Activities such as arts and crafts, fishing and kayaking, develop self-esteem and purpose. We have an allotment plot and residents have entered 'Ryde in Bloom', making use of window boxes and planters. We have also taken a credit scheme a little further by developing a SMART card system to assist residents with items for resettlement.

BS is on his fourth stay at Fellowship House. On the previous three occasions he has left when taken into custody due to alcohol-related offences. On this stay he has now been here ten months, reduced his alcohol use considerably and has not re-offended. He has also taken up a voluntary placement using his carpentry skills, and helped in the Lifehouse with decorating and by building a planter for the ‘Ryde in Bloom' project.