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Throughout the UK and Ireland Salvation Army there are a number of diverse, creative, innovative and impacting expressions of prayer including dedicated prayer centres, Facebook groups, training days and prayer gathering events. 

Prayer Centres

If we want all we do to be soaked in and built on prayer, we need more than just occasional events and initiatives. We need Corps who seek to take prayer to new depths; becoming passionate about doing mission out of a praying community. Prayer is not for becoming introverted or self-seeking; but being fuelled by the rhythm of prayer for a range of mission and social justice outreach. In addition, the Prayer Centre Corps acts as a resource to the wider Division, offering space for retreat and praying for Corps and the Division Headquarters team. On a Territorial level Prayer Centres provide prayer support for larger events, listening to God and speaking prophetically into The Salvation Army.

A Prayer Centre is characterised as:

  • A prayerful community practicing a daily rhythm of intercession, contemplation and Christian worship.
  • A creative community with artistic expressions of prayer and worship e.g. art, sculpture, new music, poetry, dance etc.
  • A merciful community meeting the practical needs of the local poor, and championing liberation.
  • A hospitable community welcoming pilgrims, sharing meals, becoming a place where friendships can flourish, across boundaries of race and culture.
  • A missional community existing for the sake of those who don’t know Jesus, both locally and across cultures.  To act as well as to pray.
  • A learning community of training and discipleship, where people are growing in their faith, their life-skills and their ability to lead.

Currently there are Prayer Centre Corps, who have entirely re-centred their work around prayer in Banbury, Pill, Durham (Sanctuary 21) and Ealing (Sanctuary)

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