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It's easy to leave a gift

Remembering The Salvation Army in your will means your compassion can live on and your support can make an even bigger difference. 

Your gift will mean we can be there for those who have no one else to turn to, giving many more people the help and hope they need and want. We understand that leaving a gift in your will is a really important decision but we have information, support and guidance available to make the process as easy as possible.  

There are three different types of gift you can make to support the work of The Salvation Army in your will:

1. pecuniary legacy is a gift of a sum of money of your choosing (it is possible to add a pecuniary legacy to an existing Will using a simple Codicil document). It’s worth bearing in mind that this type of gift will decrease in value over time as the cost of living increases.

2. You can also leave what's called a residuary legacy. This is a gift of a share or all of what’s left of your estate after all other payments have been made. It’s an effective way of dividing an estate between the people and causes that are important to you and can be more beneficial to charities as the gift won’t decrease in value due to inflation.

3. A specific gift. This could be a gift of anything from a piece of jewellery or a property to a selection of shares. If you’d like to give in this way, we would recommend you contact us so we can discuss your intentions.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Legacy Team on 0800 144 4774 or

90p of every £1 

You give goes to transforming lives in the communities where we work

Will Writing

While it may seem like a daunting prospect, writing or amending a will to leave a gift to The Salvation Army is actually a very simple and straightforward process. It is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that family and causes close to you are taken care of. 

To make a new will

Find a solicitor

  • To find a solicitor that is right for you in your area, you can search a directory of solicitors at The Law Society.

Wording your will

  • To help you discuss your wishes with a solicitor, we’ve included some recommended wording for the different types of gift. You can download a copy of the recommended wording here.

Charity details

  • To ensure that your gift goes to the right place, you need to include our full name and address and registered charity numbers. The details are as follows: 

The Salvation Army UK with the Republic of Ireland,

Territorial Headquarters,

101 Newington Causeway,



Charity numbers:

  • England and Wales: 214779
  • Scotland: SC009359
  • Republic of Ireland: CHY6399

To update an existing Will

  • A solicitor will be able to update your Will for you, but you can also add in a pecuniary or specific legacy gift yourself by completing a Codicil and keeping it with your will in a secure place. You can download and print off a Codicil here.

Free Wills Month

Every March and October, The Salvation Army takes part in Free Wills Month

Take part and you can have your will written at no cost in selected locations across England and Wales. If you're aged 55 or over (for couples, only one of you needs to be 55) you simply need to make an appointment with a participating solicitor before the end of the campaign month. 

Making a will ensures your wishes are met and lets you take care of your loved ones and the causes close to your heart. 

There is no obligation to remember The Salvation Army in your will but we hope you'll consider the huge difference a gift to us in your will can make, to our vital work providing care, compassion, and practical support to those that need us most.

If you have any queries about amending or making a will to include The Salvation Army, please contact our Legacy Team on  0800 144 4774.