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What's On

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  • 10am Morning Worship

    • Please call for Sunday School & Youth meeting times

  • 5:30pm Evening Worship


  • Monday

    • 11:30am Luncheon Club
      • Not on Bank Holidays

    • 5.45pm Rainbows
      • Girls 5-7 years, term time only

    • 6pm Brownies
      • Girls 7-10 years, term time only

  • Tuesday 

    • 2pm Home League Meeting
      • Women's group

    • 6:15pm Young Peoples Band practice
    • 7:45pm Senior Band practice
  • Wenesday

    • 9:15am Parents & Toddlers
      • Term time only

    • 6:15pm Singing Company practice
    • 7:45pm Songster practice
  • Thursday

    • 2pm Over 60's Club
      • Open to all

    • 7:30pm Men's Fellowship
      • Open to all men

      • 2nd Thursday of the month

    • 7.30pm Ladies Fellowship
      • Open to all ladies

      • 3rd Thursday of the month

  • Friday

    • 11:30am Luncheon Club



Kettering Citadel Band

Kettering has been described as the town of boots & bands, and certainly no town of its size in the UK can claim so many famous bands in its history. Today this small south midlands town has a declining boot & shoe industry, but it’s Salvation Army banding tradition is being continued by the current Kettering Citadel Band

Kettering Songster Brigade

The Salvation Army use the term songster to refer to those members who are commissioned to sing in our choirs, called ‘Songster Brigades.’ When a soldier (member) of The Salvation Army wishes to become a songster, he or she signs an agreement and is subsequently ‘promoted’ to the rank of ‘songster.’

Songster brigades are led by a Songster Leader – in Kettering this is Mark Alan, assisted by a Deputy Songster Leader – Lyn Phillips. The brigades are helped administratively by a Songster Secretary – Suzanne Grainger with an Assistant Songster Secretary  - Celia Young and a Songster Sergeant – Marion Camplin with an Assistant Songster Sergeant – John Stanyard. They all assist the Songster Leader in the organisation of the brigade.

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Nigel Govier


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