Not only because you need something, but because you have something to be thankful for.

Kirkcaldy is part of the group Mission Partners in Fife along with Buckhaven and Lochgelly Corps.

What's On

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  • 10:45am Sunday School

  • 12:00pm Fellowship

  • 12:30pm Band Practice/Open Air/Old People's home visits

  • 7:00pm Divisional youth activity

    • monthly


  • Monday

    • 12pm AFM activities
      • varied programme
    • 1:30pm Home League ladies meeting
    • 2:30pm Practical assistance
      • Food parcels referral required
    • 7:30pm Songster (choir) practice
  • Wednesday

    • 1:30pm Over 60's
    • 2:30pm Practical assistance
      • food parcels (referral required)
  • Thursday

    • 10am Age Concern Coffee Morning
    • 1pm Little Treasures
      • Parent and Toddlers
    • 3pm Practical assistance
      • food parcels (referral required)
    • 4:30pm Kids Club
  • Friday

    • 10am Coffee Morning

Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

Heather Coles