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Life on campus

All campus colleges of higher education form special communities. Yet William Booth College has an even greater significance, because it joins the greater community of service that is The Salvation Army.

The fellowship encountered here is spiritual, not sentimental. It lasts for a lifetime and is essential to the Army's ability to adapt to a changing world without loss of integrity or effectiveness.

Here faith is deepened, vocation confirmed and lifelong friendships made. Whether a student is a resident or a non-resident cadet, or an officer or soldier, an employee or a volunteer attending the campus less often, this fellowship has its own special influence.

It is encountered during the formal, educational process but exists too in unstructured discussion, friendship, worship and shared practical experiences. To create and sustain this environment takes much behind-the-scenes effort. Like any large-scale operation, the College needs its Business Services Unit to upkeep the buildings and grounds, to staff and equip the schools and facilities and to use the Army's resources with professional efficiency.

The campus community

Apart from the seven on-campus houses and the single rooms and family apartments they contain, many shared facilities are available to faculty and students on site. There is a fully-equipped nursery/crèche/playroom which is run by trained staff for students' children during college hours. For these student-families there are also well-established links with a wide range of schools in the area.

In the grounds there are children's play areas with slides and climbing frames. Students are allocated car parking within the campus.

A dining room provides breakfast, lunch and tea, and refreshments are available from dispensers.

In addition to private accommodation, there are common rooms, a library and computer room, and benches under the trees for quiet study, conversation and relaxation.

There is a fully equipped gym with exercise and weight-lifting equipment and a recreation room set aside for badminton, table tennis or cricket evenings. In addition to the Assembly Hall where the college community worship formally or privately, a prayer room is also available.

As the College develops, offering wider study opportunities to an ever-greater number of people, making those opportunities known becomes increasingly important.

Local links

The College is long-established in the local area, and links with schools, churches and other agencies - though strong - must be actively maintained. It runs a programme of public worship events, interacts with churches and schools, and actively involves students of the School for Officer Training in community projects linked to the Salvation Army centre in Camberwell and the surrounding district.

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