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Michael battles with redundancy

Since Michael was referred by an agency working with students with learning disabilities for kitchen-based work experience in 2006, he has found continuing support from The Salvation Army.

I will continue to volunteer at The Salvation Army until I get a job. All I have achieved has made me stronger

Michael was encouraged to join maths and English classes at an entry level and he proved to be a hard worker. Using the IT room he created a new CV and applied for numerous jobs. On receiving an interview at an hotel, our staff helped Michael with mock interviews, accompanied him to the interview and provided a verbal reference expressing how well he works and would fit into his new environment. The interview was a success.

In 2009, Michael was devastated to be made redundant. He returned to The Salvation Army to renew his Food Hygiene certificate and to volunteer. He also continued studying – this time gaining Level 1 English and Maths. Michael updated his CV and applied for more jobs while staff worked with him to rebuild his confidence.

Invited to an interview at a care home for older people, Michael was offered a new kitchen job. Three years later he was made redundant again. This time Michael remained positive about his situation and asked to return as a volunteer, renewed his CV and commenced a Level 2 English and Maths course. He started a BTEC course in Health and Social Care at college while he continues searching for a job. He volunteers three days a week.

Michael’s confidence has grown through the years and his redundancies have served to make him stronger. He said: “Since coming to The Salvation Army I have gained my EL Maths and English, L1 Maths and English and am working now on L2 Maths and English. I enjoyed the Go-on courses because I can carry on doing other courses at home in my leisure time. I am waiting to see if I have passed my Health and Social Care course."

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