The Church’s mission statement is: helping people to EMBRACE: Life in Christ, Life in Community

We believe that our own faith journey with Jesus Christ is linked very closely to who we are as a congregation or a community.

What's On

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  • 10:30am Morning Worship

    • ​Relaxed and informal but centred on seeking God and the relevance of Jesus for today's world

    • ​The children and young people join the main worship service for 15-20 minutes then move into their own age related activities

  • 6pm Evening Worship


  • Monday

    • 2pm Home League
  • Tuesday

    • 12pm Luncheon Club
      • A freshly cooked meal for only £3
    • 1:30pm Over Sixties Club
      • Friendship and laughter along with entertainment and guest speakers
  • Wednesday

    • 5:30pm Sparklers
      • Children's club with craft activities, games, tuck bag  

    • 7:15pm Youth Club
      • Table tennis, snooker/pool, dance mat, craft activities, games
  • Thursday

    • 9:30am - 11:30am Music Tots
      • Table tennis, snooker/pool, dance mat, craft activities, games

      • £1.50 per family

  • ​​Friday

    • ​6:45pm - 8pm Brownies 
      • A well attended Brownie pack, with its traditional elements of learning and fun activities
  • Saturday

    • 2pm Family Contact Care
      • 2nd and 4th of each month

About Us

We are very keen for people to pray for each other and with each other and there are many opportunities within our church life to do this.

We also encourage people to join a small group (Home:base) that meet twice monthly.

Our aim is to develop as a church that provides for all ages and is supportive intergenerationally.

The creed of the Salvation Army is that of the great Christian communions. We hold to the truth of the Bible. We aim to make the ‘good news’ clear and plain.

Our services are open to everybody. Although The Salvation Army may be known for wearing uniform, many who attend our service do not.

As well as this Sunday morning service we often have an evening service.

We also have Thursday evening Bible teaching series running on a termly basis.

We are a church who like to be part of the local community and to find ways in which we can be of benefit to it.

One way we have been able to do this is through the running of Newark Family Contact Centre. This provides a twice monthly opportunity for a non-resident parent to see their children when it is difficult for them to meet in their own environment.

We also have developed the FiSch (Faith in Schools) Project. This project resources a Christian Youth Worker to spend time in two Secondary Schools offering support and mentoring to children, providing assistance to school clubs and developing Christian groups and teaching.

Last, but by no means least, we are a church who wants people to experience the great pleasure of knowing Jesus.

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Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

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