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What's On

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  • 10.30am Morning Worship
    • Children leave for Sunday School at 11am
    • Enjoy tea or coffee with us after the service




  • 12.30pm Home League Singers Rehearsal
  • 1.30pm Home League 
    • Ladies meeting

  • 7pm ​Line Dancing
    • Have fun getting fit


  • 6pm Young People's Band Practice
    • Come along and learn to play a musical instrument - for boys and girls aged 7 to 14 

  • 7pm Young People's Singing Company Practice
    • Come along and learn to sing in a choir - for boys and girls aged 7 to 14

  • 8pm Songster Practice
    • Adult Choir


  • ​​9.30am Chatter box (Parents and Tots)
  • 10am Craft Class
  • 11am Just Chillin
    • (2nd Wednesday of each month)

    • Enjoy tea or coffee at 11am followed by an a chat and an activity before lunch at 12noon

  • 7pm Worship and the Word (Bible Study)
    • Several sessions per year - check before coming along


  • 8.30am Breakfast Project
    • For those on low incomes

  • 10am Prayer Meeting
  • 7pm Band Practice


  • See "Events"





Meet the people

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Alex McNee

Alex McNee