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Ray is a Salvation Army minister who took a Leap of Faith and swapped a career in the West End for a life caring for people in need and sharing the love of God.

As a child I only wanted to do two things – to be a clown in a circus or to be a Salvation Army officer."

"I wanted to perform but I wasn’t quite sure how. I started training as a dancer in Australia at a ballet school there and within two years I was accepted into the Australian National Ballet. I performed for the Australian Opera and auditioned and became the principle dancer for Disneyland. I then came to London and did the West End shows in London – I was in Evita, CatsOklahoma!

"It was when I was in Evita that God called me to be a Salvation Army officer. That was the Leap of Faith. I had a beautiful life. I had a beautiful flat in Chelsea. I went to all the best parties in London. I completely left that and went to The Salvation Army’s training college.

"Andrew Lloyd Webber was really fascinated by my decision to give up theatre. I have never doubted my calling. It was as clear back then as it is today.

"I thought I was leaving my life as a dancer but The Salvation Army has used me to help with many performances. I produced the Friday Night Spectacular at the Boundless Congress [part of The Salvation Army’s international 150th celebrations] and I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t had my background in theatre. As a Salvation Army officer I am not afraid to try different things in worship and it’s thanks to my background as a dancer.”