Raynes Park Community Church is a group of people seeking to share life with God through faith and community with one another. We love meeting together and working to make the world a better place..

What's On

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  •  10:30am - 11:45pm Sunday Gathering

    Our meetings are lively, informal with inter-generational activities, prayer, sung worship and age-appropriate Bible teaching
    • we meet at: The Scout Hut, 106 Cottenham Park Road, London SW20 0SX

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My Raynes Park Festival

We are the principal organisers of a community arts festival each June with local church partners in Raynes Park. This summer's event takes place from 18-26th June 2016.

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Community Services

The Salvation  Army's practical hands-on work is renowed. It has never been enough just to preach; the message of God's love is also demonstrated through its work particulary with marginalised and vulnerable people.

In corps and centres across the territory, people of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to discover how much he loves them and the possibilites he has for their lives.


Merton Against Trafficking (‘MAT’) is a voluntary group set up by members of Raynes Park Community Church dedicated to the elimination of trafficking people for exploitation in the Merton borough.

Human trafficking is a fast growing international crime which directly affects people within our community in Merton. The vision of MAT is that nobody should be bought or sold. Our group aims to uncover the extent to which trafficking is a problem in Merton – and then to take action to stop this injustice. We want to raise awareness about the issue of trafficking, be advocates on behalf of victims of trafficking and take direct action where we can – for example by working with the police and other anti trafficking organisations.

To get more involved, visit our website:, or email Jill Grinsted, MAT Administrator.​

Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

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