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Rodney works full time as a graphic designer for The Salvation Army's War Cry magazine. His Leap of Faith has made him vulnerable to criticism.

All those little fears and nervousness around it are at the front of my mind."

"There’s something inside me that makes me want to paint. I feel I have to paint.

"It’s too easy when you have a full-time job and all the other distractions to not do it and let the weeks go by. So I decided to show my work on social media and after a while of doing that I felt the need to show the work in a physical environment.

"When a two week slot at a local gallery came up I grabbed it. That was two years ago and I have been working towards it ever since then really – pushing myself outside of work.

"In my job I’m representing The Salvation Army when my name appears in the small print as graphic designer for The War Cry. But hosting an exhibition is putting my name out there and seeing the reaction my work gets. It was only the other day I was talking to someone and I started to feel quite vulnerable about putting my art out there. It’s going to be different to posting something on social media where you only get the positive response really - if people are not keen on something they will just ignore it. Now the reality of 'I’m going to be on show here' has set in.

"Opening my solo exhibition is a leap of faith. The reality of it being just around the corner… all those little fears and nervousness around it are at the front of my mind.

"But it’s already given me one thing I wanted out of it – to be consistent with my work. And that in turn has given me something else, which is an improvement in the work as I’ve gone along. Obviously selling some would be nice and a bonus. But my experience working at The Salvation Army has help me to realise that criticism can be positive. In fact, it’s something I would welcome."

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