St Albans Salvation Army is a warm and welcoming Christian fellowship seeking to:

Deliver the message of God's love.

Disciple the messengers of God's love.

Demonstrate the message of God's love

What's On

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  • 9:30am Prayer Meeting

  • 10:30am Worship Service

  • 11am Sunday school for children

  • 12:30pm Bible study (third Sunday in month)

  • 2pm African community church worship

  • 6pm Horizons Prayer Meeting

    • First Sunday in month


  • Monday

    • 7:30pm Vista: Ladies Fellowship Meeting
      • First Monday in month

  • Tuesday

    • 9:30am Parents and Toddlers
    • 4:30pm Kids' paper craft
  • Wednesday

    • 10am Babysong
    • 10am Coffee Morning
    • 1:30pm Wednesday Fellowship
      • All age fellowship
  • Thursday

    • 4:30pm Band practice- all age
    • Men's Fellowship
      • Please contact us for more information
  • Friday

    • 10.00am Parents and Toddlers (Community Group)
    • 5.00pm Family Film Night
      • Last Friday in the month
  • Saturday

    • 10am Coffee Morning

About Us

The Building The Salvation Army church was refurbished in 2004 to provide a lovely worship and community hall with a lounge just inside the front entrance where coffee and tea is served at the Coffee and Chat two mornings a week. People passing by can just pop in and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and relax for a while. 

We would love to welcome you to the St Albans Corps of the Salvation Army which you may want to combine with a visit to this most interesting and historic city with its narrow, bustling and hilly streets. Many centuries ago, St Albans was one of the largest and most important Roman towns in Britain. Known as Verulamium, it rose in importance to such a degree that by the middle of the 1st Century AD it was elevated to the status of a ‘municipium', the only British city to attain such an honour, which accorded its inhabitants the right of Roman citizenship. The theatre - the only Roman one in the country - has been excavated and restored and there is an award-winning museum where you can examine thousands of exhibits recovered during archaeological digs and discover just what life was like in Roman Britain.

The Congregation The congregation range from toddlers to those in their 90's, male and female, some wearing Salvation Army uniform and others not, but all welcome.  The activities and services cater for this diverse range of people.  Parent and Toddlers and Baby Song for the young people and young parents, and Friends United midweek fellowship is open to all ages.  Vista is a monthly ladies fellowship on the first Monday each month,.  Prayer meetings and Messy Church is also held. 

The Cathedral The cathedral, better known as St Albans Abbey, has the largest Norman nave in Europe, and is built on the site where the first Christian martyr in Britain, Alban was beheaded in the 3rd Century AD, after being converted to Christianity and assisting a persecuted priest to escape. Legend tells us that on the hilltop a spring of water miraculously appeared to give the martyr a drink whilst on the way to his execution and also that the eyes of his executioner dropped out as he struck the fatal blow. Pilgrims have travelled to St Albans down through the centuries to remember Alban, and miraculous cures are said to have occurred at his shrine that has been beautifully restored.

Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

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Eun Ok Shin