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Supporting the emergency services

As a Christian church with a strong social conscience, we seek to alleviate distress wherever it is found and to fulfil a crucial role during and after a major emergency.

We'll continue to provide support to emergency services and those affected for as long as we're needed.

Response to emergencies includes the following:

  • Providing on site refreshments and emotional support to responders at the incident site
  • Providing support to individuals at any designated Rest Centres or Humanitarian Assistance Centres
  • Providing support to family members and friends at the Mortuary Viewing Area and acting as the conduit for relevant faith support
  • Coordinate or participate in the wider faith response

The Salvation Army's Emergency vehicles attend between 170 – 200 call outs per year, some of which are listed below:

We also work in partnership with the Cabinet Office, Met Office, as well as a number of government and voluntary organisations to raise awareness of the ‘Get Ready For Winter’ and ‘Get Ready For Summer’ campaigns.


We help disseminate cold weather and heatwave-related advice to local and vulnerable communities to help try to prevent weather-related illnesses and deaths.