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Who We Are

The Music and Creative Arts team exists to support and empower corps and centres in using music and creative arts in ministry and mission.

Meet our Territorial Headquarters Team


Dr Stephen Cobb

Director of Music & Creative Arts

During the summer months, you’ll find Steve putting some of his passions into practice; visiting St Ives (Cornwall), pursuing his hobby of photography and leading Territorial Music School. Steve’s commitment to seeing Music & Creative Arts flourish amongst the youth of The Salvation Army is unparalleled. He believes that grass roots development is where the work is and he thinks you should too.

Steve attends Hendon Salvation Army with his wife, Elaine. As well as being an avid Arsenal supporter, he also enjoys playing sport.

Paul Sharman

Assistant Director (Brass & Choral)

Paul Sharman is widely known to have absolutely incredible score reading skills. What isn’t widely known is that he enjoys walking in the Lake District, has a passion for family and reads the odd detective story. He’s a Yorkshireman at heart, but also a committed Christian. His passions for God, The Salvation Army and music are undeniable and he’s ready to give it all back, to you.

Paul attends Regent Hall with his wife, Charlotte, and their two children. He loves orchestral music, particularly Mahler, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

Nicholas King

Assistant Director (Contemporary Worship & Song)

Nik is a football fanatic. Don’t be put off that he isn’t top of his Football Fantasy League though, because he’s definitely top of his game when it comes to Music & Creative Arts. His love of a variety of genres makes Nik a versatile man. It’s probably the reason he relates so well to people and musicians alike, in a variety of ways. Spiders are not his forte, though.

Nik attends Sittingbourne corps, is married to Emily, and enjoys listening to Bruno Mars (a lot!).

Stephanie Lamplough

Assistant Director (Creative Arts)

Steph could have been the second Geordie on our team, but she hails from Newcastle-under-Lyme. Nevertheless, she possesses just as much enthusiasm as anyone else. She’s our unusual and creative ideas expert. Whether she’s fresh off the football field or stretching after her Zumba session, Steph won’t let you down with her passion for making new ideas accessible and relatable to everyone.

Steph attends Birmingham Citadel with her husband, Gavin, and three daughters. She loves musical theatre and will go on holiday anywhere, as long as it’s hot.


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The International Staff Band make regular visits to Salvation Army centres and churches around the UK and Ireland each month, giving concerts and leading worship. Follow them on Facebook here. Their music is available to buy online.

The International Staff Songsters are a Salvation Army Songster Brigade (choir) based in London. Since their inauguration in 1980 they have travelled throughout the UK leading services and presenting religious concerts. You can follow them on Facebook here