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William Hunter House

I owe this centre and its staff a debt of gratitude...

William Hunter House is located in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, and provides a resettlement service for 37 clients. The service mainly works with recovering addicts, and has over the year shared and celebrated with many clients as they have reached individual milestones of sobriety. One great example of this is the story of the service user who started to volunteer at another Lifehouse and then after moving into their own tenancy, secured a permanent job at the Lifehouse.

A resident's view:

'The first few months of my time here was extraordinarily difficult due to the breakdown of my relationship and as a result I relapsed quite badly. During this time I received amazing support from my key worker. She listened to me for hours on end, offered me terrific support guidance and much needed reassurance.

As a result of the support I received and positive action on my part I was able to put down the drugs and work hard to reassert myself and gain back the ground I lost before. I have my own flat within the centre and I have been accepted on to an HNC level course in social care with a view to going to university next summer to study social work. I owe this centre and its staff a debt of gratitude for the staggering amount of emotional support I received whilst going through what was an extremely difficult time for me. I honestly doubt whether I would have been able to pull myself back from the void of addiction nearly as quickly as I did, if it was not for the tremendous response from this centre and its staff. This will give me the best possible foundation for a new start in life, greatly reducing the risk of having to rely on the system for the future."