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On the bus

Danny has been experiencing homelessness, on and off, for 30 years. 

I even thought of ending it all…The Bus Project kept me alive.

He suffered abuse as a child. It affected him so badly that all through his life he has gone through phases of not wanting any contact with other people.

Danny was sleeping rough on the streets of Cardiff when he discovered The Salvation Army’s Bus Project – a drop-in centre in a bus, which serves tea, coffee and sandwiches to homeless people every night in the city centre.

At the time, he remembers, ‘I was feeling pretty low. I even thought of ending it all.’ But going to the Bus Project every night, and talking to the friendly Salvation Army team who work there, helped him see that his life could be different. ‘The Bus Project kept me alive,’ says Danny.

After befriending Danny, one of our Bus Project workers finally persuaded him to come in off the streets. He is now living at one of our Lifehouses and, as he says, ‘The support I’ve had has been amazing.’

The friendship Danny has received at the Lifehouse has helped him to trust other people. He’s joining in the activities there and plays football regularly. He has also started a vocational course to help him get a job. He knows he still has a long way to go – but now at least he has a future to look forward to and friends to help him make the most of it.

The Bus Project is part of a Salvation Army tradition of going out on to the streets to meet people in need. And for Danny, like so many others, it is the important first step towards a new and better life.

Floating support and Outreach Services

Floating support and Outreach Services

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