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Emergency Assistance

Providing the basics and supporting people on a path to dignity and not to dependence.

Many people are struggling – especially the vulnerable, but we ensure people get help with budgeting so they don’t become too reliant on the service.

As well as helping people who are experiencing homelessness, we support families who have hit hard times, people who have been made redundant, become ill or are experiencing benefit delay.

When someone in crisis comes to us wanting assistance, we take an interest in that person and get to the heart of their problem to find a long-term solution. The ongoing nature of our work is key to breaking the cycle of dependence and supporting people on a path to dignity.

No two Salvation Army centres operate in the same way because the services provided by each centre are tailored to the needs of their local community. While it is worth getting in touch with your nearest centre to discover more about what they provide, every church and centre provides pastoral support and a supportive friendly chat.

We often work in partnership with other voluntary organisations and offer Food Parcel Vouchers, yet some of our centres operate their own food banks. As we witness an unprecedented demand for emergency food, The Salvation Army has a holistic approach to dealing with this national issue. When somebody comes to a church or community centre, they are invited to sit down, share a cup of tea, and talk through the reasons for their food poverty, whilst we determine what the best way to help is. This may be in the form of budgeting and debt advice, making people aware of the welfare they can access or equipping them with the skills they need to find employment.

We would rather offer an individual a hand up – the support and resources needed to help themselves – than a handout, which keeps them dependent on support and is unsustainable.

Your nearest church or centre might provide:

  • Clothes
  • Lunch clubs
  • Food parcels
  • Utility top-ups
  • Showers
  • Homeless drop-in days
  • Disaster/emergency response
  • Street pastors
  • Bottles of water
  • Baby supplies
  • Meal vouchers
  • Debt and budgeting advice

You can find your nearest Salvation Army here.