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Supported Housing

We provide a wide range of services to people experiencing homelessness, including supported housing to more than 3,000 residents through our national network of Lifehouses. 

The role supported housing plays

In the video below, Mitch Menagh, The Salvation Army’s Director of Homelessness Services, explains how Salvation Army Lifehouses make a difference to the lives of residents and their communities, and why a source of stable funding is so important to this work.

General Election 2017: Supported housing & homelessness. from The Salvation Army UK on Vimeo.

Supported housing plays a vital role in reducing the harm to individuals and their communities caused by homelessness; offering good quality accommodation to those who need it, regardless of their background. However, there are plans to reform the way that supported housing is funded, which could have a detrimental impact on The Salvation Army’s work around homelessness.

If these plans are implemented incorrectly, many supported housing services, including our own Lifehouses, may be forced to close, with residents left to find alternative accommodation in an increasingly competitive private rental market.

The Salvation Army, therefore, calls on the next government to recognise the value of supported housing and ensure that any reforms offer long-term stability to residents, services of all kinds and the wider communities of which they are a part. Follow the conversation on social media using hashtag #AskingQuestionsThatMatter or tag us @salvationarmyuk  

The reality of homelessness

* With all forms of homelessness rising since 2010, it is vital that we maintain a robust supported housing sector, helping individual and communities to avoid the harms caused by homelessness. 

* [The above figures show the rise in homelessness from the Chartered Institue of Housing via Huffington Post]