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Person centred approach

The concept of person centred approach is to put the individual at the heart of their own support and putting them in control of how their support is delivered and in what way. Residents have the ability and option to choose their keyworker and then within this, have choice to be able to choose the time and location of their support sessions. 

Focusing on their positive achievements and abilities

Staff and residents across our services complete a one page profile that describes them and how best to work with them and support them.

This insight allows the service to best match staff and residents to ensure that we pair suitable people to encourage positive relationships. Residents use the one page profiles to choose who they would like to support them. This choice is facilitated wherever possible and from this point of contact, the resident and keyworker then meet regularly to discuss support needs and issues.

Support is delivered from the view of ‘what people can do’ and are good at rather than what they can't do and what they do less well. This approach is key to our engagement and relationship building. This approach and the discussions generated through using the tools ensure that we fully understand the needs of the individual and work with them to plan how they will achieve their hopes and dreams.