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Resources for teaching about The Salvation Army's work in the community.


Primary Resources 

Community   Refugees   Homelessness

Secondary Resources

Gambling  Refugees  Homelessness   The Salvation Army Today


Primary School Resources

Helping Hands 

A resource to support Early Years pus exploring how we can help people. Please note - a tune to support the song will be available soon.

The Salvation Army in the Community

A PowerPoint presentation explaining the work that The Salvation Army is doing in the

 local area. We suggest you might like to invite your local Salvation Army Officer to use this and to talk about their work in your area.

A  set of 18 cards depicting the varied work that The Salvation Army does in the community. Ideal for KS2 classes who wish to investigate and reflect upon community work. Also available is the  PowerPoint presentation, suggested activities and resources.

Community Blockbuster Quiz

Why not challenge pupils to a game of Blockbusters? A game is always a fun and effective way to reinforce learning. Try it after a lesson about community work!

More Community Resources

More community resources can be found here, as part of the Ultimate Church Visit.


Home from Home NEW!  

A story of hope and belonging. This KS2 lesson explores how a community can support refugees. It encourages pupils to reflect on how we can be welcoming to others in our lives. It is based on real events, of a Salvation Army community supporting a Syrian refugee family through the Community Sponsorship scheme. There is a PSHE focus but can easily be adapted for RE.

Why Help?  

A KS2 lesson around the theme of refugees. It explores the journey of a refugee and how and why The Salvation Army is supporting refugees.




The activities focus on The Salvation Army's Sandwich People project based at Booth House in Swindon and can be used as part of RE or Citizenship work in Upper Key Stage 2/Lower Key Stage 3.

Hole in My Life

A resource to show pupils a positive image of

 homeless people as individuals with potential and something to offer to society.

More Homelessness Resources

More homelessness resources can be found here, as part of the Ultimate Church Visit.


Secondary School Resources

Refugees: Moving On NEW!  

A two-part lesson for 11-16 year olds exploring who refugees are and how The Salvation Army seek to help refugees in the UK.



Leaving Home

A lesson for 14-16 year-olds about what a refugee is and what The Salvation Army is doing to help refugees across Europe.


A lesson for 14-16 year-olds about the causes 

and consequences of gambling. The lesson also explores The Salvation Army's standpoint on gambling.


Homelessness lesson ideas for 10-14 year-olds.

Hole in My Life

A resource about homelessness and the work of The Salvation Army. Using colourful illustrations and simple language and concepts, we hope to help pupils understand why people become homeless, how it feels to be homeless and what The Salvation Army is doing to help homeless people rebuild their lives.


The Salvation Army today

An assembly to help secondary pupils understand what the Salvation Army believes and what it does to serve others today.