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Ultimate Church Visit

Ultimate Church Visit (UCV) is a practical resource designed to help you organise an exciting and memorable school visit at your corps or centre. It fits into the primary school curriculum, covering many of the topics studied in Religious Education, PSHE and Citizenship. Through Ultimate Church Visit children are able to encounter faith first-hand and interact with members of their community. They learn about The Salvation Army and the Christian faith in a fun and interactive way, and are encouraged to reflect on their own values and beliefs.

Organising an Ultimate Church Visit is a great way to support teachers and build relationships with schools in your community, and it provides an ideal opportunity for introducing children, and their families, to the work and ministry of their local Salvation Army church.

How does it work?

To hold an Ultimate Church Visit you’ll need a team of people to help run the event - and interest from at least one local school! Most of the resources you’ll need can be loaned (or purchased) from the Schools & Colleges Unit or (in some divisions) borrowed from DHQ.

An Ultimate Church Visit session usually lasts a morning or an afternoon and works best with one class. Pupils are organised into small groups of about 7 or 8 pupils which visit different zones set up around the hall. Through these zones children explore, with the help of a zone leader, the history, beliefs, worship and work of The Salvation Army through a range of activities which include drama, music, craft, quizzes, stories and Godly Play.

An ideal way to use Ultimate Church Visit is to arrange a series of visits over the course of one or two weeks, by sending invitations to all of your local schools, or to those schools you already have links with. This is a great way to get the most out of the time and effort you put in. However, you’ll find it just as worthwhile organising a one-off Ultimate Church Visit for a single class, perhaps in response to a request to visit your corps.


The Zones

Welcome & Think Tank

The visit begins with a welcome session, to introduce the team, share the aims of the visit with the pupils, and find out what they know about The Salvation Army. 

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Bible Zone

The zone begins with a discussion about stories and special and holy books, and the importance of the Bible for Christians and therefore for members of The Salvation Army.

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Worship Zone

In this zone pupils begin by thinking about the concept of worship and the special places and objects which help people to worship.

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Community Zone

The aim of this zone is to discover how The Salvation Army helps people in the community.

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International Zone

This zone takes the form of a speedy trip around the world, visiting (up to) five different countries where The Salvation Army is at work.

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Symbol Zone

In the symbol zone, pupils take on the role of secret agents who must complete a number of missions in order to explore and uncover the meanings of some Salvation Army symbols.

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Music Zone

This zone begins by introducing pupils to the kinds of musical instrument used in The Salvation Army.

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History Zone

In this zone, pupils use their imagination to travel back in time, finding out about life in Victorian Britain and discovering the story of how William & Catherine Booth started The Salvation Army.

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Uniform Zone

In the uniform zone pupils think about why different people wear uniform and have the opportunity to dress up in a range of Salvation Army uniforms. 

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Homelessness Zone

In this zone pupils reflect on what it might be like to be homeless and find out how The Salvation Army tries to help. 

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Organising Your Visit

Making Links With Schools

Ultimate Church Visit is a great tool for developing good relationships with local schools, as well as creating an opportunity for teachers, children and even families to come into your church and find out what happens there, and how you support and care for the community.

Adapting UCV

Ultimate Church Visit is designed to be flexible and easy to adapt to suit different situations. Here are a few ideas to help you think about how the resource could work for your corps or centre.

Curriculum Links

Ultimate Church Visit is designed to fit into the school curriculum, linking with a range of topics and subjects. In this section you can find overviews of all the curriculum links.


Order the resources... 

In addition to the resources contained on this website you will need to borrow a set of Ultimate Church Visit resources from the Resource Hub at THQ, or alternatively from your DHQ if they have their own set. This set of resources includes information and activity cards, extra copies of the DVD, audio CD (Music zone) and a variety of artefacts, objects and display material. Book the resources by phone or email as soon as you have some proposed dates for your visit(s).

There is a charge for loaning the resources from THQ which includes delivery and collection by courier and a small amount to cover the general wear and tear of the resources. 

When you have decided on the zones you are using, complete the resources list tick sheet to indicate exactly what you need to borrow and what you are able to provide yourself. 

If you want to invest in your own set of resources, or gradually build up your own set, most of the resources are also available to purchase from the Resource Hub. This could be done in partnership with other corps.

Resources for pupils to keep

Some of the pupil materials which you may need can be downloaded and printed from this website. Pupil books and other pupil resources can be purchased from the Resource Hub.

If you want to discuss how Ultimate Church Visit could work for your corps or centre, or you need extra support, contact the Resource Hub on 020 7367 4706 or email