Virtual fundraising ideas

virtual fundraising

Coronavirus Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Your safety remains a top concern of ours here at The Salvation Army, but we also understand the need for a bit of fun, social engagement and exercise, especially during these turbulent times – so why not fundraise while doing so?! We have compiled a special list of exciting activities to put your fundraising skills to good use – while still adhering to the latest government advice on COVID-19.

Choose from a range of different activities to:

  • get your heart racing
  • bring out your competitive side
  • keep up your social life
  • get yourself sponsored 
  • and so much more

The easiest way to raise funds or collect entry fees is by setting up a page on the secure online fundraising platform JustGiving. Join our team of people supporting our efforts to support people during the Coronavirus by setting up a page here.

Once you have decided what you are going to do, please click here to tell us more - we would LOVE to hear from you!


Get your blood pumping and continue your training!

Whether you don’t want to let all your training go to waste or you just want some motivation to get your body moving, these active fundraising ideas can help you reach your goals.

  • ​Join #TeamSallyArmy and take part in our very first virtual run to support those affected by the coronavirus crisis.

There is no distance too small to show your support - that's why you can choose to run whichever distance is most appropriate for your milestone. Be it 5K, 10K, a half marathon or even a full marathon itself, it is completely up to you! Sign up here to get started.

  • Continue your marathon training with Strava

A well-known fitness app which allows you to track your ride or run, compare previous performances and share your progress on your Just Giving page. Decide what you goal is and share that with your friend and family who can then make a donation  to show you support and encouragement. Available for download on Android/iOS and able to sync with a range of device software.​

Peter Picot
Peter Picot climbed 'Everest' in his garden to raise vital funds for the Salvation Army!

Feeling up for a friendly competition…?

Introducing a range of fun games to offer respite during these difficult times.

Pay to enter, put together teams, ask them to download the app, send a screenshot of the winner to the organiser to be put through to the next round. Winner gets a virtual trophy!

  • Have a Guess the Baby competition

Right now we all need a bit of laughter and this game would be especially fun to play with work colleagues (remotely of course!). Ask all colleagues to digitally submit baby photos along with a small entry fee, put all photos on a simple Word document, each numbered, and send to each colleague to hazard a guess! Whichever colleague guesses the most correct matches gets a prize (determined by you). And don’t forget to send the correct matching pictures to names afterwards so that everyone can have a laugh!

  • Have a Fundraising Forfeits Game

Allocate forfeits which people can either do or make a donation if they would rather not!

Flex that muscle memory with a quiz night in! Houseparty has quizzes already setup for you for groups of up to 8 people, so you don’t have to create your own.

  • Have a Truth or Dare Game

People can make a donation if they choose NOT to answer the question or take the dare. 


Safety first socialising

Even on a lockdown we all need a bit of time spent with friends. Using one of many great social networking apps such as Houseparty you could…. 

  • Hold a virtual Coffee Morning

… from the comfort of your own living room! We all need a cuppa and a chat right now so why not do it for a good cause?

  • Host a Gogglebox Movie Night

Everyone presses ‘play’ at the same time! Try watching your favourite series, too! You could also use Netflix Party to easily sync with each other. Arrange a time where everyone can join in, ask for a small “movie ticket” fee to be donated via a Just Giving page and then sit back, relax and watch a movie together!

  • Organise a virtual Book Club

Get all of your fellow bookworm friends together to read and discuss your favourite books. Ask each person to donate a members fee or an entry fee per virtual session on your JustGiving page.


Get yourselves sponsored to…

  • Be Silent!

Particularly useful for children of parents trying to work from home.

  • Grow a fancy beard or moustache, or shave your hair off

After all no one will really see you for a few weeks!

  • Give Something Up

Now might be the best time for extra influence to give up those choccies and for a worthy cause! Make your pledge to give up whatever you choose and then get people to donate to your Just Giving page to keep you motivated. And of course, you must give regular updates showing your commitment!

  • Have a Sleepout in your garden or on your balcony

With so many rough sleepers facing a particularly tough time right now, why not show some solidarity by sleeping out in the cold and get yourself sponsored by colleagues, friends and family to do so. All your proceeds can go towards our Homelessness campaign to continue our important work with homeless people in our communities.

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Still looking for more ideas? How about…

  • Set up an online Memory Tree to remember a loved one

Create your Just Giving page in memory of a loved one and encourage friends and family to leave a message when they make their donation on Justgiving which you can then write or print onto a label and hang on a tree, or you can put the messages on a sticky note and attached to the window for passers-by to see.

  • Donate your Commute

With so many of us working from home, why not encourage those around you to donate the cost of their usual commute? By making a donation of what you would have spent anyway, be that on a bus fare, train ticket, petrol (and even your meal deal!), you can make a difference to vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19. 

  • Have a Spring Clean

It's that time of the year! Save your unwanted clothing and household items to donate to your local Salvation Army shop when the pandemic is over.

  • Have an Anti-party!

No birthday party this year? Why not ask for donations instead of birthday presents and help those in need of support during this tough time.

  • Set up a Collecting Box

Pop something in every time someone in the family does something kind or helpful.​

Feeling inspired? Tell us which activity you would like to do HERE.

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