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In work support

Working with local employers and providing support for the employer and employee to enable the participant to start work.

The personalised support we provide to participants is underlined by excellent relationships with local employers. We job-match candidates to employers’ needs, shortlist candidates for interview, access subsidies, organise training and provide in-work support.

Strong connections to local employers are critical, and The Salvation Army can use its existing links into communities for this work, benefitting the community as a whole. Our designated employment engagement co-ordinators work with businesses across all kinds of industries and areas to help businesses find the right staff and match the right person to each job. They know their local market inside and out.

Employment engagement co-ordinators initially work with the employer to identify the help and support both sides require to enable the participant to start work. Once settled into their new role, participants, and employers, are supported by job life coaches to ensure this role is sustainable and help solve any problems that arise.

Job life coaches work with employees and employers to ensure the best method of support is provided whether that is a fortnightly phone call to ensure the working relationship is functional, issues can arise but with the help of a job life coach can be easily resolved to ensure work is sustainable. In speaking to employers, job life coaches can obtain a sense of where the issue might have arisen from and work to resolve this, for example, transportation issues or additional training requirements. This in-work support provides employers and employees with security, knowing that someone is there to help. Participants also receive advice on financial issues at our centres as we work closely with local advice agencies.

On occasions when the role is not working, job life coaches work to support the employee to ensure they do not fall back into unemployment.