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The Darkest England Gazette

The Darkest England Gazette was a weekly publication issued by The Salvation Army between July 1893 and June 1894. Its purpose was to report on The Salvation Army's recently centralised social work, the 'Darkest England Scheme', in a way that appealed to a broad audience. For one penny, readers got twelve pages filled with reportage, plentiful illustrations, poetry, and fiction. 

On this page, you will find digital copies of articles from the Darkest England Gazette that you can read and download, as well as Research Guides that offer a brief introduction to prominent themes from the Gazette.

The "Darkest England Gazette" is intended to voice the miseries and plead the necessities of what have come to be known as the Submerged Classes...

Full issues

No. 1 (1 July 1893 - first number)

No. 26 (23 December 1893 - Christmas number)

No. 31 (27 January 1894)

No. 33 (10 Feburary 1894)

No. 36 (3 March 1894)

No. 51 (16 June 1894 - final number)


No. 29: 'To Our Readers' (13 January 1894, p. 4)

No. 29: 'Esther Daniels' (13 January 1894, p. 6)

Research guides

These guides provide a short introduction to some of the subjects addressed in the Darkest England Gazette.

About the Darkest England Gazette


Animal welfare

Labour campaigns

Maternity and child care

The Poor Laws

Prostitution and 'Rescue Work'

Salvation Army colonies