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Probation Services

Housing, placements and support, to get people back into the community

Burned-out, depressed...with plenty of help I now have a sense of purpose.

In many of our homeless centres we work closely with the statutory authorities so people who come out of prison are given the opportunity to be rehabilitated back into society.

Many prisoners with no accommodation or employment will be placed in our lifehouses where they are given a safe environment to live.

From there they are supported to overcome the issues that contributed to their homelessness and prepare them to move back into the community and the workplace.

Our service users obtain good quality tenancies in areas of their choice to help them achieve long-term success, happiness and contentment.

In all of our probation services we have built strong partnerships with local authorities, the Criminal Justice Service, police, ambulance and local health services and in many cases, the centres interact with the local Salvation Army Corps where some of our officers have chaplaincy duties.

Our probation services use a wide range of facilities and activities to help people adjust to life outside of prison, such as kitchens where staff, in partnership with NHS nutritionists, teach cooking skills.

There are also IT suites for computer training and gyms to help service users keep fit.

In some centres, events committees are led by the residents get them involved in fundraising for activities and outings. They will decide how they are going to raise the funds and what they spend the proceeds on.