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Specialist support

Whilst only a small proportion of our services are contracted to provide a psychologically informed environment for people to live in, we have a firm commitment to ensuring that our accommodation based services are all informed by this approach.

If it was not for the support, I would have been dead, like my good friend.

With limitations of who is responsible for housing management and who owns the property, there are some challenges to meeting this agenda.

However, where possible, every effort will be made to ensure that the living space we provided is a comfortable and welcoming environment where staff are all trained to understand the challenging needs that our client group may present with. The living environment should be one of positivity and a space within which people are encouraged to make positive changes in their lifestyles.

Booth House Lifehouse in London, which offers accommodation and support to 150 men who are affected by homelessness, invites a psychologist in once a month to meet with staff to help them reflect on the service they are providing, and to ensure they are thinking about the care and support they offer in relation to psychology.

Michael, service manager at the Lifehouse, says that the decoration of the building itself has also been psychologically informed – down to the colours that are used to paint the walls to try and create a friendly and welcoming environment – to blackboards being put up in the basement for residents of the Lifehouse to write on as well as staff – passing on messages about events and important information – such as when the football is on!

As well as this the Lifehouse has created a roof top garden for residents to develop gardening skills and is felt to have psychologically informed therapeutic benefits.